When you start a business or perhaps you are an enthusiast that would like to have your presence on the online web, people most often do not know where to start. There are various platforms that a non technical person can use without the knowledge of coding or other things that one might think it is needed to “launch my website”.

One of the most popular platforms (CMS – content management system) used is WordPress, this can be installed on a web hosting server where you then can easily create your content without any coding.

Some of the big names that use WordPress are BBC America, Bloomberg, Sony and many more, so you can see that you can have a great functioning website using this CMS. You can build your own elementary website to the most advanced website you can imagine.

How much does it cost to have your own website?
If you go for using wordpress, this CMS is free which means you can download it and install it for free. WordPress can be customised, say I want to have a function with a “contact me” that would send me an email automatically or I would want a small shop that visitors can buy some of my work online, this can all be achieved using what we call plugins. There are a lot of free plugins that help you achieve what you want most of the time but there are also paid ones where you have extra features.

The look of the website
The look of a website depends on one’s preferences, on WordPress CMS there are quite a few themes that you can install for free and also 3rd Parties that offer themes for your taste for as little as 35€.

How to install plugins and themes on wordpress?
Installing plugins on wordpress CMS is very easy if the website is setup correct, “you can install plugins and themes like installing an app from the App store or google play on your phone.

How to start building your own website using wordpress?
Here at Future IP we offer web hosting for your wordpress website, in fact our servers are not only specially setup for your website to load fast but we can also help you set it up and make sure you are all set to start building your own website using wordpress.